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As a life-long learner, I came across many exciting things. I decided to create a newsletter that summarizes my previous week of interesting links, books, and articles. I send it bi-weekly on Friday. So you have time to explore during the weekend.

About Me

I'm an independent Product and Interaction Designer with a focus on innovative mobile and web applications and future-tech, mainly AR/VR. I have worked for companies such as DoorDash, Byju’s, Osmo, E-line Media, STRV, Toptal, and Vodafone.

I have created products from pixel zero for several startups. My approach to product design is end-to-end. I offer help with product strategy (e.g. monetization, acquisition), project planning, design leadership, design system architecture, user experience design, user research, user testing, user interface design, prototyping, and interaction design.

I'm a mentor for several programs, and I frequently give lessons at various educational institutions. I also have a YouTube channel and newsletter, which focuses on self-learning. I believe that education leads to innovation. Innovation is necessary for human progress.


Marketing Manager — charlene@evakuttichova.com


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